Handling Unlawful Detainers in Rent Controlled (RSO) areas can be tricky and complicated. In other words, do not attempt without a legal professional, one that understands local rental regulations. Based on HCIDLA, “Under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), the landlord may recover possession of a rental unit under specific situations. Below is a list of reasons for which a tenant could be evicted and the tenant would be considered at-fault.”

Many real estate investors steer clear of rent-controlled areas, and until I started managing properties in RSO areas and began to understand the nuances of rent control, I tried to stay away. As the possible repeal of Costa-Hawkins (contact me if you don’t know what this is) looms on the November ballot, we as real estate professionals must better understand the ramifications of rent control, or at least team up with someone who does (ahem.. that’s us)..

As an example, we took over a property recently that had over $23,000 in back rent due. For more than TWO YEARS, the tenant had not paid rent (how would that affect your clients??). And for that period of time, they kept evading eviction. I’m happy to say that from beginning to end, we were able to secure the property in just over six weeks. The Sheriff’s Lockout took place this last week (picture above of the Judgement for Possession)..

Have a client that is considering an investment property in a RSO area, or wanna go over a scenario? You know how to get ahold of us. We’re here to be your preferred Property Management Partner.

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