How Long Does it Take to Evict a Tenant in City of LA?

  • September 1, 2018

Handling Unlawful Detainers in Rent Controlled (RSO) areas can be tricky and complicated. In other words, do not attempt without a legal professional, one that understands local rental regulations. Based on HCIDLA, “Under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), the landlord may recover possession of a rental unit under specific situations. Below is a list of […]

How the Final GOP Tax Bill Will Affect Real Estate Property Owners

In a matter of seven weeks, the GOP has developed, amended, and reconciled a $1.456 trillion tax bill. On December 22, Donald Trump tweeted the tax bill into law. If it feels like this all happened fast, it’s because it did. The Tax Reform Act of 1986, our country’s last major tax overhaul, took a little […]